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Game of Drones

A jet airliner recently made an emergency landing into the ANIMAL River after an engine failed during takeoff. Footage has revealed the likely cause of the crash to be a drone sucked into one of the aircraft’s engines, and some are questioning the lack of regulations related to drone use.


I’ve encountered with 2 choice

1. “We’re lucky nobody was killed in the crash, but we might not be so fortunate next time,” murmurs Gary Liu, your overzealous Public Safety Minister, while meticulously covering your letter opener with bubble wrap. “The problems with drones extends beyond planes, too. What if one falls out of the sky and decapitates an innocent bystander? We need sensible regulations of drones to make sure CITIZEN are kept safe. The public should only use drones outside of populated areas, at low heights, and only after passing a safety class.”

2. “We don’t need draconian regulations just because one idiot didn’t read the instructions,” rebuffs avid drone enthusiast Lucy Sestero, while using a drone to film the meeting. “By that logic, we should ban microwaves, just because one person thought it was a fun idea to stick their head inside to see what would happen. It is the right of every citizen to enjoy everything drones have to offer.”

3. Dismiss the issue


Option 1. sounds nice so I choose it.

The result saids ‘Former stunt pilots are unable to pass the licence test to fly a drone.’


In result, my nation get a boost of this qualities.

Law Enforcement

Orwell Orderliness Index 1.3%

Social Conservatism

Bush-Santorum Dawning Terror Index 0.51%


milliStalins 0.30%


Bubble-Rapp Safety Rating 0.17%


Cheeks Turned Per Day 0.1%

Government Size

Bureaucratic Comprehensiveness Rating Scale Index 0.09%

Average Income


Economic Output



Tourists Per Hour 0.05%




And decline in this qualities

Sector: Manufacturing

Gooback-Jerbs Productivity Index 0.06%

Foreign Aid

Clooney Contribution Index 0.06%


Dolphin Recycling Awareness Index 0.06%

Public Transport

Societal Mobility Rating 0.06%

Public Education

Edu-tellignce® Test Score 0.06%

Public Healthcare

Theresa-Nightingale Rating 0.06%

Industry: Cheese Exports

Mozzarella Productivity Index 0.06%

Business Subsidization

Gilded Widget Scale 0.06%


Safety Net Mesh Density Rating 0.06%


Cheeks Per Square Mile 0.20%

Civil Rights

Martin Luther King, Jr. Units 0.21%

Recreational Drug Use

Pineapple Fondness Rating 0.23%


Crimes Per Hour 0.51%

Ideological Radicality

Paul-Nader Subjective Decentrality Index 0.53%

Average Disposable Income


Industry: Retail

Shrinkwrap Consignment Productivity Index 41.4%




This choice is OK.


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