Nation States Issues : Victims Demand Their Pound of Flesh

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Victims Demand Their Pound of Flesh

A recent article in The CAPITAL Naysayer has exposed a dirty little secret: prison wardens have been quietly exporting the organs from executed criminals and pocketing the proceeds. Enraged citizens, particularly victim’s rights organizations, demand retribution.

I’ve encountered with 3 choice

1. “These murderers took away our families and our futures,” cries Victims of Violence chapter head Lisbeth Fernandez, holding a black-draped family photo. “The court ordered restitution, but most criminals have no money. These wardens are stealing the only thing of value these criminals still have: their organs! Give surviving family members the remuneration from these sales. It’s the very least you can do after all we’ve suffered.

2. “We have also lost family to murders and nothing will bring them back to our loving arms,” weeps Samuel Martinez, a member of Victims for a Just Society. “Monetary reimbursement can’t replace what we have lost, but perhaps others can benefit from our loss. We must expand the list of capital crimes to discourage criminals from committing any crimes at all, while providing a substantial source of new organs to our hospitals. Criminals can repay society by helping the ailing victims of organ failure. Let transplant survivors be our memorial!”

3. A serene voice from the back commands the crowd’s attention. “My children, we cannot relieve violence with violence,” intones Aldo Smit, Roshi of CAPITAL Zendo, sitting zazen. “The solution lies not with taming corrupt officials, but within ourselves. We should not be killing these criminals; we should be leading them. Our prisons should hire counsellors and sensei to guide them to a better path of penance and good works. Prisoners can return life with life by tending our crops and feeding the hungry. We must end capital punishment, for the betterment of our own inner light. Only then will we truly find peace.”

4. Dismiss the issue


Option 3. sounds nice so I choose it.

The result saids ‘Condemned prisoners spend hours a day sitting in lotus position looking perplexed.’


In result, my nation get a boost of this qualities.

Industry: Cheese Exports

Mozzarella Productivity Index 7.7%

Sector: Agriculture

Mu-Bah-Daggs Productivity Index 4.9%


Prayers Per Hour 4.7%

Law Enforcement

Orwell Orderliness Index 2.8%

Ideological Radicality

Paul-Nader Subjective Decentrality Index 2.2%


Average Smiles Per Day 1.9%

Civil Rights

Martin Luther King, Jr. Units 1.1%


Kitten Softness Rating 0.99%


Bubble-Rapp Safety Rating 0.65%


Cheeks Turned Per Day 0.51%

Recreational Drug Use

Pineapple Fondness Rating 0.27%

Average Income


Economic Output



Quips Per Hour 0.21%


Cheeks Per Square Mile 0.20%


Workforce Participation Rate 0.20%


Tourists Per Hour 0.16%

Government Size

Bureaucratic Comprehensiveness Rating Scale Index 0.1%


Percentage Of Bribes Refused 0.06%


Years 0.06%



And decline in this qualities

Sector: Manufacturing

Gooback-Jerbs Productivity Index 0.23%

Foreign Aid

Clooney Contribution Index 0.23%


Dolphin Recycling Awareness Index 0.23%

Public Transport

Societal Mobility Rating 0.23%


Safety Net Mesh Density Rating 0.23%

Public Education

Edu-tellignce® Test Score 0.23%

Business Subsidization

Gilded Widget Scale 0.23%

Public Healthcare

Theresa-Nightingale Rating 0.23%


Crimes Per Hour 0.50%

Scientific Advancement

Kurzweil Singularity Index 0.60%


Kickbacks Per Hour 1.5%


Kardashian Reflex Score 1.9%

Social Conservatism

Bush-Santorum Dawning Terror Index 3.5%


Atheism Rate 4.3%



This choice is nice.


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