10 Reasons why you should play Red Alert 2 : Yuri’s Revenge

command and conquer red alert yuri's revenge

command and conquer red alert yuri's revenge



Red Alert 2 : Yuri’s Revenge (Aka Command & Conquer: Yuri’s Revenge) is a real time strategy game game that released in 2000 AD (So long back there!). It runs on PCs platform. Today millions of people still playing and modding with Red Alert 2 : Yuri’s Revenge and you should too! Here’s why.


1. It’s classic! Which means, not much flashy, not much exaggarate storyline, not much trying-to-be-alluring-attractive characters. Today’s games may be available in many platforms, But there will be never a game that like Red Alert 2 : Yuri’s Revenge !


2. Its videos are nice. Back to 2000 AD, not much technology there. But the video is great! Play the missions and you’ll love it classic!


3. It was built by great Westwood Studio which no longer producing any game, but Red Alert 2 : Yuri’s Revenge is obiously one of the best game they ever created and still alive! This game will still alive forever on its own! So don’t miss it.


4. It’s rare and valuable. You can rarely see someone selling this game in nowaday. Now only sold in collections (If you want to buy this click here) If you have a CDs or keys of it from that age now it’s a antique! (You may sell your game key here is you like)


5. It don’t use much of your computer’s resouces. Unlike modern heavy graphics, CPU-eating, wanna-be-realistic games. Red Alert 2 : Yuri’s Revenge use so small resouce that even weakest computer sold today can run! For stronger computer you can even play this game along with Bitcoin mining (I don’t recommend this for anyone though) at the same time with minimum issue!


6.  It contain ancient treasures and knowledge!  This game is realeased in 2000 AD, which is about 20 years already! By playing this game you can acquire what it was at that times, and by mastering this game you master the knowledge of 20 years ago! Now you can be a master of Ancient thing baby!


7. It have great and legendary mod. Namely Mental Omega which is epic and ranked no.8 on ModDB. and My mod AI Myth Mod. which is small but so fun to play.


8. It was awesome for modding! I must say, not much games are create for modding. But this game is so great if you’re into modding! Epic mods out there can prove you this. What’s more satisfied than being in control of your own game and play as you like, whil having challange too!


9.  Like other games, this game have bugs, flaws, and glitches. But the mod will fix that and make greater gameplay! My mod AI Myth Mod elimitate many bugs, flaws, and glitches in gameplay. It was even more enjoyable than playing most of today’s game.


10. It multiplayer feature is awesome even today! Search youtube and you’ll still see many people playing Red Alert 2 : Yuri’s Revenge both moded and non-modded with both AI and other players across the globe (Example, Youtube : Red Alert 2 – EPIC SOVIET WAR!  or Red Alert 2 Zhasulan vs Buffalo). Remember! this game is way back at 2000 AD but why more and more video still uploading. Which means the multiplayer capability of this game is not only geat but One of the greatest in both Single-player and Multi-player Strategy Games! So don’t miss it! Go play Red Alert 2 : Yuri’s Revenge now and have an awesome time!





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