Nation States Issues : Virtually Assured Destruction

Update playing and issue from role-play

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Today I’ve got this Issue on my Nationstates (


Virtually Assured Destruction

Last week a mothballed CITIEN nuclear missile exploded deep underground, triggering a catastrophic earthquake in rural NATIONSNAME. The little evidence that could be recovered from the debris indicates that the explosion was caused by neglected maintenance of outdated warheads, spurring debate over the state of the nation’s nuclear arsenal.


I’ve encountered with 4 choice

1. “We clearly need a total overhaul,” states Colonel Gretel McFly of the CITIZEN Nuclear Deterrence Program, quite calmly despite the clamor outside of your office. “It will be costly, but once we have a new generation of warheads ready, we’ll be perfectly safe from another incident like this happening, at least during my own tenure. We will, of course, need to dispose of the old missiles to make room for their replacements, but I’m sure the nuclear industry would jump at an ongoing contract to recycle the plutonium for us. It’s certainly cheaper than mining more ore out of the ground.

2. “We definitely need to update our warheads,” hastily concurs Louis Springsteen, your trade ambassador, recently returned from troubled Tasmania. “I propose we sell the old missiles to build strategic alliances. Then we get some money and ditch responsibility for the missiles, and we save an ally a lot of R&D. It’s probably safe! Worst case scenario: the old missiles fall into the wrong hands while in transit to other countries, but if we just convoy them up with some regular munitions, the teamsters will be able to fight off any attempted hijacking.”

3. “Really?” objects Harry Broadside of the CITIZEN Security Agency, startling you as he appears seemingly out of nowhere. “You actually think it was just a malfunction? Why do you think there was so little evidence left? That warhead was clearly detonated intentionally; I don’t know if it was terrorists or spies from one of our rivals, but someone did this, and they did it for a reason. Our primary concern should be with securing our missile bases against sabotage. People may still be scared of nuclear malfunction, but hey – if nobody wants to live near our nukes, that only strengthens national security.”

4. “You’re all ignoring the real problem!” shouts a protester as she bursts through the door to your office. “The nukes were a bad idea from the get-go! Sooner or later we’re going to annihilate ourselves with another accident. What’s the point of even having a deterrent if we’re just going to blow ourselves up? For the sake of humanity, the environment, and the national budget, it’s time to disarm ALL nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons.”

5. Dismiss the issue


Option 4. sounds nice so I choose it.

The result saids ‘The nation has dismantled its entire WMD arsenal.’


In result, my nation get a boost of this qualities.


Meters Of Sunlight 3.4%

Environmental Beauty

Pounds Of Wildlife Per Square Mile 2.3%


Cheeks Turned Per Day 0.87%


Tourists Per Hour 0.71%


Years 0.40%

Human Development Index

Human Development Index 0.13%





And decline in this qualities


Workforce Participation Rate 0.06%


Kardashian Reflex Score 1.9%

Scientific Advancement

Kurzweil Singularity Index 4.2%

Industry: Arms Manufacturing

Charon Conveyancy Index 14.2%

Defense Forces

Total War Preparedness Rating 41.4%



This choice is OK.


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