Nation States Issues : Affirmative Election?

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Today I’ve got this Issue on my Nationstates (


Affirmative Election?

Recent elections in NATIONSNAME have resulted in yet another parliament with few racial or ethnic minorities. In response, several minority-interest organizations have been protesting for weeks on end outside your office. The ruckus has become so distracting that you tried to veto your grocery list. After realizing that this couldn’t continue any longer, you have decided to give them an audience.


I’ve encountered with 4 choice

1. “This tyranny by majority must end!” demands Jenna Rikkard, a Macronesian protest leader, who claims to represent all 2500 Macronesians in NATIONSNAME. “We have been trying to become members of parliament for most of our adult lives, but we have not won even a single seat. I insist that you permanently reserve a few seats for minority groups throughout our nation.”

2. “That would not even begin to make up for the decades we spent suffering in silence,” laments Montgomery Zaius, an ethnic Moltovean who was unsuccessful in his last three runs for a seat in parliament. “The current system obviously doesn’t work. Why don’t we just redraw the voting districts? We can arrange the borders in a manner that will ensure our parliament has a more representative percentage of minorities. Rather than having a few reserved seats, we could actually have fair elections that result in a diverse parliament. Of course, the nation’s homogeneous rural areas might need to be, um, divided a little more creatively to allow our people to get elected there.”

3. “These dreadful ideas would alienate a large chunk of our voting base,” complains Speaker of Parliament Sun Farnsworth, who was recently lampooned in the book Stuff Ethnic CITIZEN Like. “Furthermore, the proposals are completely unmeritocratic. No matter how much you spin it, if a candidate fails to meet the expectations of the voting public, the candidate does not deserve a seat. And besides, you’ve seen how those loutish Bigtopians conduct their own affairs. Do you really want those sorts of people in our government?”

4. “The proposed rules don’t go far enough!” proclaims Beyonce Marshall, a devout follower of a very small sect of Conspiritivism, sporting a tin foil helmet and insulating robes. “If minority races get to have special considerations, it’s only fair that we have them too. You should allocate reserved seats in parliament to both ethnic minorities and minority religions to give everyone a voice!”

5. Dismiss the issue


Option 2. sounds nice so I choose it.

The result saids ‘Voting district maps are said to resemble a tyrannosaurus eating the capital.’


In result, my nation get a boost of this qualities.


Kickbacks Per Hour 13.7%

Political Apathy

Whatever 4.8%


Average Smiles Per Day 4.4%


Kitten Softness Rating 2.2%


milliStalins 2.0%


Mandela-Wollstonecraft Non-Discrimination Index 1.6%


Cheeks Turned Per Day 0.36%


Tourists Per Hour 0.11%

Government Size

Bureaucratic Comprehensiveness Rating Scale Index 0.09%

Economic Output


Average Disposable Income


Average Income




And decline in this qualities

Law Enforcement

Orwell Orderliness Index 0.06%

Business Subsidization

Gilded Widget Scale 0.06%

Foreign Aid

Clooney Contribution Index 0.06%


Safety Net Mesh Density Rating 0.06%

Public Education

Edu-tellignce® Test Score 0.06%


Dolphin Recycling Awareness Index 0.06%

Public Transport

Societal Mobility Rating 0.06%

Public Healthcare

Theresa-Nightingale Rating 0.06%

Industry: Cheese Exports

Mozzarella Productivity Index 0.06%

Sector: Manufacturing

Gooback-Jerbs Productivity Index 0.06%


Workforce Participation Rate 0.09%


Bubble-Rapp Safety Rating 0.28%


Quips Per Hour 0.28%

Political Freedom

Diebold Election Inking Scale 1.4%

Ideological Radicality

Paul-Nader Subjective Decentrality Index 3.5%


Weapons Per Person 5.3%



This choice is OK.


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