Nation States Issues : Murder Most Deniable?

Update playing and issue from role-play

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Today I’ve got this Issue on my Nationstates (


Murder Most Deniable?

The popular radio host, Alexandra Lukin, Marche Noire immigrant and vocal critic of the country she fled, was found sprawled across the sundial of CAPITAL Park at noon, dead as a South CITIZEN Dodo. Advisors have gathered in the shadowy recesses of your office, wondering what to tell Osiris’s waiting press.


I’ve encountered with 4 choice

1. “Marche Noire did this,” grunts Finn Ungar, your implacable Minister of International Relations, wearing a hole in your carpet as he paces in his Army-surplus boots. “Ms. Lukin was a respected resident of our country, and they killed her. Well, I say we show those Marche Noirian mouth-breathers that they can’t treat our household names this way. I say we hit them with a trade embargo. Kill any deal with Marche Noire. NATIONSNAME doesn’t want pretty wooden knickknacks, lobster, and truffles from murderers.”

2. “Let’s not be excessive,” chuckles Emily Cobblepot, Minister of Cover-Ups and International Trade, who coincidentally part-owns an authentic Marche Noirian restaurant. “Leader, for the sake of trade, you must ignore this little protocol slippage. Take away Marche Noire mountain truffles shaved over a Marche Bay lobster linguini and served in a hand-carved hickory bowl and the Galactic Republic will riot. Perhaps it was an accident? Ms. Lukin slipped on an abandoned banana skin, fell back and landed on the knife in her own pocket. Trying to stand, she alas fell onto her knife a further forty-one times.” She jams a truffle between your lips.

3. “Leader,” whispers Roger Kaine, Head of Secret Service, “no-one’s suggesting we let Marche Noire get away with murder. But it occurs to me that we have a one-off opportunity to strike at one of the thorns in our own rump. Consider Dan Couch, NATIONSNAME’s most troublesome emigrant and muck-raking filmmaker, who has stirred anti-CITIZEN sentiment with his films Bread and Circuses and The Storm that Shakes the Amaranth. He’s hiding over in Marche Noire, making his incendiary drivel. My operatives can go and…” he slashes his finger across his throat.


4. “You’re really overthinking how Ms. Lukin came to be stabbed forty-two times.” Aaron Reagan clucks his tongue, while corking the barrels of your guards’ guns. “It happened because someone had a knife. Why did someone have a knife? Because people sell knives. Do you see where I’m going? Ban knives, and your whole problem goes away.” Ruminating, he tosses a precariously-hanging Picasso into the bin and replaces it with a poster reading Safety is Fun. “Best ban forks, too. Someone will put an eye out one day.”

5. Dismiss the issue


Option 2. sounds nice so I choose it.

The result saids ‘The nation leads Osiris for unlikely accidents and truffle consumption.’


In result, my nation get a boost of this qualities.

Industry: Retail

Shrinkwrap Consignment Productivity Index 11.0%


Kickbacks Per Hour 2.7%


And decline in this qualities


Workforce Participation Rate 0.17%


Bubble-Rapp Safety Rating 0.33%


This choice is shit.


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