Nation States Issues : Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

Update playing and issue from role-play

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Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

A high profile case where a police officer used lethal force against a criminal suspect that he claimed “posed immediate danger” has the populace divided. Some claim he was defending himself in the line of duty, others that he was abusing his power. Lack of witness testimonies or evidence is making investigation difficult, and many are suggesting that the government should outfit all of its police force with camera equipment to record events as they transpire.


I’ve encountered with 3 choice

1. “Cameras. Cameras would be good,” intones Patrol Officer and jungle war veteran Nyota Krugman, twitching nervously and scanning the skyline for rooftop snipers. She takes a moment to look a thousand yards into the distance. “People don’t know what we’ve seen. They don’t know what it’s like to wear this uniform, to be a target, to know that each patrol might be the last. I know war, and it’s war out there on the streets. If people could see what we have to deal with each day… they’d understand. Give me a camera, and I’ll show them what it’s like out there.”

2. “Look, I’m not saying I don’t trust our fine police officers,” whispers transparency advocate William Juvenal, carefully moving any weapons and sharp objects away from the tremulous police officer, “but cameras are needed not just to support police testimony but also to protect the public from police excesses. The only way they can serve that dual purpose is if the police don’t control the cameras. Have 24/7 cameras on every police vehicle, surveillance drones following cops on patrol, all the footage streamed live on the internet, and stored on an open-access cloud. That way, we can keep an eye on those jackbooted th… uh… on our valued law enforcement officials.”

3. “Bwaahh?!?” exclaims moustache-twirling driving-goggle-wearing charlatan Louis CAPITAL, who was definitely not trying to tie your secretary to his toy train tracks. “Police with cameras? This is a breach of my civil liberties! What about privacy? Do we not have the inherent right to go about our daily, lawfully abiding lives without fearing these paparazzi pigs parading our precious picturesque moments to the putrid public as perfidious publications? Say no to copper cameras! Keep your eyes off my private business!”

4. Dismiss the issue


Option 1. sounds nice so I choose it.

The result saids ‘Truncheon-mounted cameras record the beating of criminals in dynamic HD detail.’


In result, my nation get a boost of this qualities.

Social Conservatism

Bush-Santorum Dawning Terror Index 2.0%

Law Enforcement

Orwell Orderliness Index 1.4%


Cheeks Turned Per Day 0.23%


Bubble-Rapp Safety Rating 0.16%


Tourists Per Hour 0.12%

Government Size

Bureaucratic Comprehensiveness Rating Scale Index 0.06%



And decline in this qualities


Quips Per Hour 0.14%


Crimes Per Hour 0.50%

Civil Rights

Martin Luther King, Jr. Units 0.68%

Ideological Radicality

Paul-Nader Subjective Decentrality Index 1.6%


Weapons Per Person 5.0%



This choice is ok.


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