Nation States Issues : Armed and Legging It

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Today I’ve got this Issue on my Nationstates (


Armed and Legging It

Walking down the corridors of power at your usual brisk pace, you’re caught a little off guard when one of your accompanying clerks suddenly crumples to the ground mid-stride, her left lower leg detaching from the rest of her. To your relief, the dismembered member of staff has in fact lost a prosthetic limb rather than an organic one. As you help her up, she explains that her prosthetic is a cheap import of low quality: she’d love a better one, but high quality models are far and few between.


I’ve encountered with 3 choice


1. “Many people just can’t move forward in our nation because of limb loss,” says your assistant, ambling carefully. “My colleagues and I believe that we – the government – should use our resources and staff to research new designs and help these people live their lives to the fullest.”

2. “There’s another way to reach out to the limbless,” says Ned Jones, a volunteer from the charitable Open Hands Society. “3D-printed limbs can be produced for anyone, by anyone. If one wears out or becomes outdated, it can be tossed, and a new one printed. Along with that, citizens can work together to design limbs that work for them. Why not send some money to the non-profit foundations that are developing these things? You’ll be helping not only here in NATIONSNAME, but also the disabled of third world nations that the charities serve.”

3. “You can’t incorporate the artificial into the natural without diminishing your connection to the living world of spirits,” pipes up Jessica Ramirez, Priestess of the Earth Divinities, whose presence in your entourage is even more unexpected than that of the previous speaker. “If you are missing a limb, then accept that The Mother loves you for who you are and that fate chose that destiny for you. Leader, if you ban prostheses, you’ll teach self-reliance and self-love. Meditation and thankful prayer will lift broken souls, even if broken bodies must stay earthbound. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to visit my podiatrist.”

4. Dismiss the issue


Option 2. sounds nice so I choose it.

The result saids ‘Community-designed sword prostheses are becoming dangerously common.’


In result, my nation get a boost of this qualities.


Average Smiles Per Day 8.6%


Kitten Softness Rating 4.6%

Industry: Information Technology

Fann-Boi Productivity Index 2.7%

Foreign Aid

Clooney Contribution Index 1.7%

Public Healthcare

Theresa-Nightingale Rating 1.2%

Scientific Advancement

Kurzweil Singularity Index 1.00%


Cheeks Turned Per Day 0.91%


Tourists Per Hour 0.18%

Average Income


Economic Output



And decline in this qualities



This choice is all-great.


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