Nation States Issues : These Heels Weren’t Made for Working

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These Heels Weren’t Made for Working

Mrs. Gertrude Freeman recently retired after 40 years working as a hotel receptionist. Severe arthritis of her feet – attributed by her doctors to a lifetime of wearing high-heeled shoes – has led to a great difficulty in walking even a short distance.

I’ve encountered with 3 choices

1. “My feet are killing me,” bemoans Gertrude, “and it’s all the fault of a ridiculous dress code forced on me by my employers. I’ve been crippled by my work, and now I’m stuck with pain and loss of mobility. The government should ban employers from making particular clothes a condition of work. It’s frankly sexist when us women are forced to wear high-heeled shoes! If I can save just one person from experiencing the torture I’m suffering now, then it will have been worth the effort of walking here today.”

2. “What’s wrong with wanting staff to look professional?” queries Klaus McGuffin, staff manager at the renowned Iddiott-Hellton Hotel. “We just want our employees to look respectable while they’re dealing with clients. Nobody forced this old girl to take this job! Look, Leader, if you really want to help, maybe you could set an example by seeing to your own attire. Honestly, everything you are wearing could use a hot iron and some starch.”

3. “You know, messing with dress code rules could be a lot of fun!” giggles your brother, seeming even more deranged than usual. “We could make all the men wear suits of armour on a Tuesday, clown suits on a Wednesday or Dogman costumes for the second week of every month. And you force the ladies into maid costumes or air hostess uniforms. C’mon, you’ve gotta make this happen. It would be so great!”

4. Dismiss the issue



Option 1. sounds cool so I choose it.

The result saids ‘Police officers often head to work wearing onesies and fluffy pink bunny-slippers.’


In result, my nation get a boost of this qualities.


Cheeks Per Square Mile 18.8%

Ideological Radicality

Paul-Nader Subjective Decentrality Index 1.7%


Mandela-Wollstonecraft Non-Discrimination Index 1.1%

Civil Rights

Martin Luther King, Jr. Units 0.65%

Recreational Drug Use

Pineapple Fondness Rating 0.27%

Income Equality

Marx-Engels Emancipation Scale 0.23%


Quips Per Hour 0.14%



And decline in this qualities


Obesity Rate 0.21%

Economic Freedom

Rand Index 0.27%

Social Conservatism

Bush-Santorum Dawning Terror Index 2.4%



This choice is nice.


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