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Update playing and issue from role-play

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Today I’ve got this Issue on my Nationstates (

Milky Ways

New sitcom The Fastest Milkman in NATIONSNAME has been surging in popularity on digital streaming service Webflix, triggering a wave of nostalgia for the “good old days” seen on the show, where milk and dairy products were delivered by neighborhood milkmen in their trusty electric-motored milk carts.

I’ve encountered with 3 choices

1. “The government should make this a reality!” exclaims superfan Vera Weasley, dressed in a replica uniform of the show’s main character, Arnie Cost. “We can hearken back to an era when folk could leave their doors unlocked, and neighbors actually talked to each other. Just think: milk, eggs, cream, cheese, butter and yogurt, all brought right to your front door! Plus, with all of these recyclable glass bottles and battery-powered carts, there’s got to be some environmental advantage over plastic and petrol-based distribution. With a little cash injection from the state, this is gonna be great!”

2. “Do I even need to say how ridiculous that sounds?” asks Chastity de Castro, CEO of Orden Dairy. “Milk could spoil on people’s doorsteps, and lead to a public health disaster! Anyway, we don’t live in the ‘old days’ any more. People can just come to one of our stores if they need groceries, or order stuff online if they want delivery. Speaking of which, we’ve got some big ideas to increase shelf life even further, which will be good for consumer convenience, and with some subsidisation could pave the way to the milk of the future! Tell me, Leader, what do you know about synthetic proteins?”

3. “Bah, all of this nonsense about milk curdles my stomach,” interjects anti-dairy protestor Harambe Lane, thrusting a ‘Milk is Murder’ leaflet at you. “The Milk Myth – that this filth is in any way good for you – is fabricated and perpetuated by milk lobbyists and the shadowy cabals in charge of Big Milk. You should put government warnings on dairy products, like is often done on cartons of cigarettes, just so people know how dangerous it really is. Maybe then they’ll come to their senses and abandon the devil’s mammary ooze.”

4. Dismiss the issue


Option 1. sounds cool so I choose it.

The result saids ‘Increasing numbers of children in NATIONSNAME have different eye and hair color to their supposed fathers.’


In result, my nation get a boost of this qualities.

Industry: Cheese Exports

Mozzarella Productivity Index 8.6%

Sector: Agriculture

Mu-Bah-Daggs Productivity Index 4.3%

Environmental Beauty

Pounds Of Wildlife Per Square Mile 0.79%

Public Transport

Societal Mobility Rating 0.77%

Business Subsidization

Gilded Widget Scale 0.59%


Meters Of Sunlight 0.56%


Obesity Rate 0.42%

Average Income


Economic Output



Tourists Per Hour 0.25%

Government Size

Bureaucratic Comprehensiveness Rating Scale Index 0.16%


Years 0.14%


Krugman-Greenspan Business Outlook Index 0.07%



And decline in this qualities


Workforce Participation Rate 0.07%

Public Healthcare

Theresa-Nightingale Rating 0.28%

Foreign Aid

Clooney Contribution Index 0.28%

Sector: Manufacturing

Gooback-Jerbs Productivity Index 0.28%

Public Education

Edu-tellignce® Test Score 0.28%


Dolphin Recycling Awareness Index 0.28%


Safety Net Mesh Density Rating 0.28%


Bananas Ingested Per Day 1.2%



This choice is moderate, stange that it decrease Health.


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