[Red Alert2 Yuri Mod] AI Myth Mod 1.0 (No Ares required)

Ai Myth Mod

AI Myth Mod 1.0
For Red alert 2 Yuri’s revenge

RA2 AI Myth Mod


This mod is designed to play against AI.  But also nice used against players.
We don’t chance much or add new shiny unit in this mod because we love it Classic, baby.


No ares or any addon required, just RA2 Yuri 1.001 Offical patch is fine


New Unit that buildable by Human player is
-Hind Transport for Soviet (3 Infantry Can shoot from Inside)
This mods enhance many things to balance the game, such as..
– Nations of the world now united and have special abilities, just read on loading screen!
– AI are highly enhanced and can build strange buildings, units, and war animal.
– Robot Tank now can be trained (Thanks Steve Jobs, Computer get smarter now!)
– Grand cannon now shoot Powerful Laser instead of laggish outdated ball (No more friendlyfire!)
– Many base defences can gain experience
– Mastermind can deploy and release wave that kill any unit (No more overload issue)
– Terrorist is now in Disguise and armed with Ivan bomb (Closer to real world’s)
– Chrono Ivan now throws bomb (He like his new shiny teleport machine away from enemy’s stinky foot)
– Missiles from fighters are now deadly
– Initiate now know how to heal himself with mind power(Thanks to new-aggies!) Just deploy them!
– Garrisonable Structure’s HP are now enhanced
– And many more




How to install?
1. Make sure no other mod installed
2. Rename your ra2md.csf (If it’s in RA2 directory) to ra2mdaa.csf
3. Put all files in this rar in RA2 directory



How to Uninstall
1. Remove all files that comes from this rar from RA2 directory
2. Rename your ra2mdaa.csf back to ra2md.csf



Download link :  http://www.moddb.com/mods/ai-myth-mod/downloads

AI Myth Mod

Alternative download link : (v. 1.0 only) : Gamebanana


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