Successful people’s habit about work

Rich and successful people's habit of work.

Get rich and success with habit of successful people


In doing work, many people may do the same work and same position, but there appear to be some outstanding successful person emerging. And these successful people is not neccessary be the smartest, sharpest, or most educated. Why do they successful? You’ll find the answer if you look into their habit.


1. Get to see feedback

Many people have a mistake of not getting to look for feedback. How do one know that the performance is better or not in what way without feedback? Successful people know how do the gonna improve theirselves and work by looking at feedback.


2. Work outside comfort zone

One’s improvement is something that is always either at the edge or outside one’s comfort zone. So if you stick at it you’re going nowhere. Life reward silly for those who always go easy.


3. Work from passion, not because it is a job for eat.

Look at those who are successful, Mark Zuckerberg, Howard Schultz, Tim Cook, John Lennon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Michael Jordan. Do you think these people got successful just because just doing a job and take money? Obiously no! Successful people take passion into whatever they do, they want to be great, they want to built it shiny new and big. If you want your success to become bigger you have to magnify your passion.


4. Learn some before do.

Somepeople want it quick and easy so they start doing things without learning how to do it. That may work at housechores but it’s not for building big success and not even safe. Think of every kids in your neighboor drive all over the street without learning how to handle a car, that is disaster. Successful people learn first, this does not mean that you have to get doctoral degree in business before starting your own business. But you should have some idea how it works. Read books, listen to informative audios and programs and then you can do it with brain, not with just balls which soon will bump into the wall.


5. Don’t over detailed.

Don’t get me wrong. Of course you have to make sure there is improvement, there are significant problem solved, but don’t expect every detail to be perfect. If your job is not obiously have to get in detail, don’t caugh up in every of the detail.


6. Get in touch of people who seek success and lose touch with those who negative.

Circle of those who seek success will get you motivation, positive energy, some useful information that useful for success and positive things in life. Circle of those who negative will lose your motivation, decrease or manipulate your energy, give some crappy information just for sake for blabbling about other and not doing anything. You must decide to change some environment if you want yourself successful.


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