Make a better year? 6 Tips to make resolution comes true.

Tips and trick to get resolution done 2015 and 2016 new year

Get better year and make life advancement in money relationship 2016

In new year many people make New Year’s resolution. Some want to start a new business, make a better rank in your company or career, learn new skill, save money, clean house, loss weight, or any other resolution can be. It is just good to make aresolution but it is best to make it real. Here is some tips.

1. Is your resolution meaningful?

Some thought is just good, but not good enough to be a resolution because it is not make your life feel any better even you successfully get it. Those resolution are easy to give up. So it is better to set your resolution that would make better of you, or have some meaning in it that reaching it would make value to you.

2.  Stick to it

Nothing good can be done without stick to it enough. So is you resolution cannot be done if you sway out or lazy.

3. Talk about it

With yourself alone you can cheat. Other people will see you as you progress or not. Be careful, do not have to tell anyone about it but you just maybe to a few people who can see you in that area and not bring you down.

4. Remind yourself

In order to be stick to it you may have a method that remind you of your resolution. Maybe have some sign, note, or picture of your goal in car, computer monitor or anywhere that you can see often and is appropriate, or maybe reading about it every night before bed.

5. Understand good

Always understand that what good that bring you to choose this resolution in the first place. Because that will motivate you to get your resolution done.

6. Reward yourself

After done, reward yourself with something appropriate. You’ll be happy and willing to done more good in the next year.




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