Why setting Goal matter for your career and life success?

Success and goal setting are friends, here's why!

Get success and happiness in life with goal setting

Almost everyone have heard many about setting goal. Many hesitate to set goal in many reason. Two of the most said are they are afraid that they don’t reach it and they see it as unimportant. However, if we look at many sides, setting a goal, even not acheive or partailly achieve it, still better in many ways than not setting any at all. Goal setting can be used for many aspect of life, whether for jobs or businesses, finance, gaming, hobby, relationship, health, spiritual. Below we list are some of the great point for setting goal for you.


1. With a goal set you get More focus

Successful careers or any good things can be accomplished only when get enough attention and work into it. When you don’t have focus you get you attention and energy to any interesting things around day by day and getting nowhere. Some people think setting a goal is so serious so avoid setting it thinking that it help them to chill off but the fact is they usually waste even more of their energy and time into many unimportant thing.


2. With a goal set you are Knowing what to do

Success is a product of a choice. Everyday we have 24 hours but we encounter many choice that effect the future success. So how do we know what to choose to do in limited given resource with no actual goal? Set goal and you will know what to do, period.


3. With a goal set your action-result Can be tracked

Improvement in any skill or career require tracking your action-result. After you see the feedback you know what to improve in yourself. Trial-and-error can get your improvement if you have a goal. Trying for no goal or intention get you nowhere.


4. With a goal set you get People trust you more

As you set goal and accomplish it others see you as trustworthly. Even you do not achieve it but you do your hard work you get many experience and skill in that fiel for yourself and other see you as a determined person(but don’t whine too much or you can deminish your fame). Your organization want to give a higher position for people who are more determined and trustworthy. And in business or any aspect of life, more determined and trustworthy person who do not stop to improve themselves are a winner in long-term.


5. With a goal set you Develop yourself a higher potential

Setting a challenging(but not too overwhelming) goal and push yourself toward it get you improved in many ways. As you continuing this process you can get to higher potential where many wonderful things seem possible for you. Think of how exciting your life will be there!


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