3 Tips for Daily Life from Successful and Famous People

Tips and Trick to get rich in daily life routine.

Success in business and jobs daily routine tips

Everyone life their own daily life. It is undeniable fact that well-managed daily life is one of the important part that bring success to many people, whether you are the merchant, Blogger, Grahphic designer, Truck driver, Lawer, Full-time employee, Commodity trader, Investor, MLMers, Entrepreneur, Writer, Musician, Online marketer, Affiliate, or any other job and business or a combination of these. Daily life not only in how your jobs and businesses but also determine sucesses on other aspects of life.


1. Plan your next day in this evening.

People who have no plan and try to think about what to do next during the busy day often make wrong decision or waste time with activity that do not important. So before bed, sit and think ‘What you want to accomplish the next day?’. Forward planning help you less hesitating and spend less time thinking what to do next.


2. Get up early

What’s the difference of someone who getting up in 8am and those in the same jobs who get up in 5am? The later case have Extra 3 hours for daily productive things and extra 21 hour weekly! If you’re not that super-tired, what’s the productivity for sleeping in bed for too long? Getting up early help many people from difference jobs like Benjamin Franklin, Ludwig van Beethoven, Howard Schultz (Starbucks business), George HW Bush, Barack Obama, and many more.


3. Use notecards

Productive people use brain for thinking, not remembering. Write down your plan, to-do-list , cue of anything important you gonna do that day. Your brain is smart, but it can be busy during the day, so leave the remembering to the notecard. Don’t risk your day trusting your  forgetting something important.




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