Tips for Freelance success

Make more money from freelancing.

Make it successful and get rich with freelancing or self-employed.


Freelancing is one of the ways that you can use your skill to make money. Whether it is photographing, typing, graphic designing, proofreading, consulting, translating, teaching, programming, coaching, music, web developing, or any other skill.  (If you don’t know what is freelancing? Click here) If you do freelancing part-time you can get extra income apart from your job. If you do freelancing full-time you can increase your income as your skill increase. Here are some tips that can get you extra success in freelancing.

1. Reputaion

Freelancing income depend on quality and quantity of work that customer offer. And customer like to offer high-paying work to freelancers who have good reputation. What can you do to improve your reputation? Improving your skill and portfolio can help. Also it is great to learn to marketing and branding yourself with good tools like facebook pages, twitter, blogs, office(or virual office), yellow pages, social gathering, whatever you find attractive to your customer group.


2. Dont stick just to regular customer

You may get few big high-paying customer. But freelancing is difference from other job where you only have one boss or many kind business that you can succeed by building just one or two. In freelancing you need to build your fame and attract multiple customer to offer your work or else you can run out of job. Servicing more than one customer can build your reputation and make many people eager to hire you.


3. Manage money wisely

Freelancing’s income is unlike full-time employee or certain business’s where you get a predictible income every month. Freelancing’s income may get up and down with many factors. To get prosperous with freelancing you got to have money skill and (should have) investment skill to enhance your financial stability to the better.


4. Improve yourself to up-to-date situation

In freelancing you are facing many competition. Not getting up-to-date or not having neccessary level of skill required will not good for you income.


5. Creative

Apart from the skill, one things that seperate a successful freelancer from the rest is creativity. Many freelancing certainly need creativity like music, magic, graphic design, art. Yet be sure to get creative in a way that attract your customer and build you reputation.


6. Get in a community

You’re not alone in the world. There are thousands in the world that have work just like you. The best way to get in touch of the world and know what to update yourself is to get in a community, some good online or offline community of people that do job just like you or people in your circle.




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