6 Qualities of what make a great employee.

You can make career advancement improving this quality.

What successful employee, manager, sales, and businessperson have in common?

If you are an employee and want to get ahead in your career, you should recognize what quality to develop in you to enhance your career advancement. No matter what ages, sex, race, or what kind of work you’re in this quality is needed for your long-term success.


1. Productive

That’s the first reason why they hire you! Company love productive people in their organization. If you stuck in your career, ask yourself, do you make yourself productive in your organization? How can you become more productive?


2. Intelligent

Working hard alone may not get you further advancement if you do not learn to work smart. Being smart in workplace(in a good way) can get you worklife far better. This is not limited to work but also on personal, social, and street smart too.


3. Team player

Today, people who perform well as a team can be far more productive that having each one work alone and your organization know this. There is almost no job today that you can work alone and survive. You have to learn how to be a good team worker, getting along with others with difference background. Even you are in a position that seems to work alone it’s better to have some good team player such as recognize other’s need and make it win-win.


4. Can be Autonomous

There are sometime team have to work, also there is sometime individual have to work. If there are no one. Can you finish work without many supporting? Good employee can do that!


5. Leadership

How can organization get yourself in a leader or management position if you have none of this characteristic? Hardly. So learn to be leader. Do you have self confidence and success oriented attitude? If not, fix that as soon as possible.


6. Honest

This may be not the top quality. Yet is so important nothing can replace this one. Organization who aim at long-term success want itself honest and clean, so as employees who willing to have their success long-term.




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